"Happiness & Wellbeing Award" Event Date:

November, 2024

Happiness and Wellbeing Award 2024
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To Honor Employers Creating Happy and Healthy Space to Work

Together, Let's Celebrate and Inspire a New Era of Thriving Workplaces.

Crafting A Culture Of Happiness & Wellbeing || Turn Your Commitment Into Recognition.

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Research On Happiness & Wellbeing

Everything we do should add (+) Happiness in this world

HappyPlus Consulting is on a mission to reshape the narrative around workplace happiness and wellbeing. We are committed to collaborating with organizations to foster a culture that prioritizes the happiness and wellbeing of employees along with business growth. As part of our dedication, we proudly present the esteemed "Happiness and Wellbeing Award" to honor employers who exemplify outstanding initiatives in promoting employee happiness and wellbeing. Through our initiatives, we aim to spread happiness and create a ripple effect of positivity that extends beyond the workplace, impacting lives and communities. Together, let's celebrate and inspire a new era of thriving workplaces.

An in depth research on the best practices adopted by companies in India and celebration of the same with other great companies. We are looking forward to creating a world, where happiness and wellbeing are the source of sustainable business performance.

Why HWA​​?


Your relentless work towards employee happiness and experience through meaningful recognition.


The power of wellbeing as you illuminate others and become the guiding force with your transformative stories.


Aspire and achieve a harmonious eco-system where happy employees and customers coexist and flourish.

How to Participate

We combine science and real world experience and make the process simple to bring to your organization the best practices

Step 1.

Evaluate Employee Experience

Conducting an employee happiness and wellbeing survey.

Step 2.

Complete the Culture Brief

Completing a brief questionnaire to assess your people process design and achievements.

Step 3.

Announcement​ and Celebration

Evaluation of finalist based on the research and analysis and announcement of winners through award ceremony​​

Event Details

Accelerates Business Growth. Create a Sustainable, Healthy, and Happy Workplace.

Till 23rd Oct

Registration Open to Participate in HWA 2024

1th Nov - 7th Nov

Evaluation for HWA Award 2024


Award Event 2024

How it works

Accelerate Business Growth.
Create a sustainable, healthy, and happy workplace.





Low Stress



Shareholder Values

Aligned Purpose

Customer Loyalty

Innovative Mind

Sole towards Society




The Benefit HWA have to offer?

Accelerate Business Growth. Create a Sustainable, Healthy, and Happy Workplace.


Drive growth using behavioral science strategies​​


Garner trust and confidence from customers through establishing the success in employee happiness and wellbeing.


Gain recognition as an industry leader and attract positive attention from investors.


Opportunity to enhance your organization's brand and attract top talent. A recruiting advantage.

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Access our comprehensive digital toolkit, complete with a wide range of social media images, press materials, shareable content, and more. Prominent branding through Media Partner.

Actionable Insights

Gain actionable insights and recommendations; get custom detailed employee experience presentations and know what's working.


Featured coverage of HWA Awarded organization leaders by leading publishers.

HWA - Ambassador

Opportunity to get an exclusive 'HWA - Ambassador' award by HR Head, HR team or Individual and be the inspiration to others.


Benchmark with Best. Evaluate and compare your organizational culture with best practices.​

Our esteemed Jury members are

Dr. Alka Mittal
Dr. Alka Mittal

Former CMD & Human Resources Director at ONGC Group

Dr. Vinita Sahay
Dr. Vinita Sahay

Director at Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya

Rachna Kumar
Rachna Kumar

Head - HR Asia, Whirlpool Corporation

Mrinalinee Rana

Clinical Psychologist

Parvneet Kaur

Counselling Psychologist

Dr. Archana Singh

Counselling Psychologist

Kratika Gupta

Counselling Psychologist