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November, 2024

Plus EX

An Intelligent listening platform For Leader And Employee To Unite

Tune in to hear employee’s voice and connect with their emotions to increase employee engagement, happiness, productivity and inclusivity. Enhance employee experience with the constructive response and thoughtful actions.

Our platform aims to connect the dots between individual roles and organization goals.

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Experience the One-stop Listening Platform

Measure your employee engagement with Plus Ex wherein you have a flexible and seamless experience right from creating the survey, launching the survey and automatically deliver real-time insights.

+ Quick launch using 200+ Question library with multi language translation feature

+ Pre & Post Plus Launch communication for employees on survey objectives, procedures, reminders and guidelines

+ Listen from your employees by configuring customize survey types i.e regular engagement surveys, pulse surveys, recursive surveys and event based surveys

Get every detailed data driven insight from your employee feedback, based on advanced statistical techniques, Machine Learning algorithm and NLP based text analysis you’ll identify which key drivers have the biggest impact on engagement, as well as the ability to track your improvements with action-planning.

+ Slice and dice the data in real-time by different cuts/demographics

+ Advance analytics with Relative weight analysis, 4 quadrant matrix, Scatter Plot, Correlation, Crosstab analysis to understand data in granular level and identify the core focus areas

+ Text analysis with Word Cloud, Topic modelling, Network Graph and Text distribution insight for deep down analysis of textual feedback

Action oriented reports are designed to give you a quick and detail visualization of
your survey results with the right detailed analytics.

+ Customize Report Breakouts allow you to generate report by different cuts/demographics

+ Exporting Reports helps in generate and share a digital copy of your report in a PDF, PowerPoint format

We work towards creating a culture where everyone feels listened, discover the factors that matter to your employees by collecting regular feedback across the employee lifecycle to drive organizational change.

+ Elevating the employee experience is a greater emotional component than most other tasks. This means Plus Ex helps to build a workplace that encourages 360 degree improvement

+ Dashboards and results are pre-configured to deliver the right data to every leader and manager in the organization, drill down to analyze engagement drivers at every level of the organization.

+ Help managers act on their team’s feedback with customisable action plans, pinpoint opportunity areas for every manager in the organisation &
leverage technology for best-practice guidance to help them improve the experience for their teams.

Here’s What You Achieve

Here’s What You Achieve With​ Plus EX

Enterprises trust us with their employee experience management. And here are the results.

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