"Happiness & Wellbeing Award" Event Date:

November, 2024

Solutions For Individuals

Happy+ is the source of direction and facilitator of emotional wellbeing for everyone who is ready to unlock their best version. Happiness is a personal belief that a person is accomplishing something meaningful.

We have scientifically designed tracks and customised Happiness ACTIONS for individuals to increase their happiness quotient.

Our WOW life framework covers all the dimensions which are important for an individual to lead a life happy & fulfilling life.



Habit formation always begins with self-assessment.

We discover new aspects when we understand which areas to focus on.

TEmpower yourself with appropriate measures & ACTIONS.


Empower Mind

“We Become What We Consume”. Rich resources to explore Happiness

A daily dose of positive stories to elevate the Happiness quotient.

Happiness & Positive psychology courses and podcast

Books to read and learnings from movies.


Being Involve

Daily tracking of Habit formation tracks for every aspect of life.

Analysing mood variations on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Leaderboard & Badges to keep you motivated.



Professional support in your Happiness journey.

Counselling from experts & psychologist.

Change your negative emotional state to positive one in the company of experts.