"Happiness & Wellbeing Award" Event Date:

November, 2024

Solutions For Corporates

We at Happy+ strive to make people happier and more successful at work. An organisation’s culture is one of the most important aspects of employee experience. The vision & values aligned with process & policies go a long way in establishing a great culture.

Happy+ integrated analytical systems architecture enables organisations to transform and thrive in challenging times which not only assess the talent & eco-system but also creates an ACTION based roadmap to achieve the RESULTS.


Happiness & Wellbeing

Happiness matters to achieve a high performing work culture.

Contribute to an organisation’s success & bring purpose by integrating talent.

Empower organisations to bringing ACTION into focus and addressing the wellbeing gaps, mental health with qualitative & quantitative measures.


Comprehensive Listening

We plugin Business Strategy and Human Experience through the ‘Comprehensive Listening’ model which includes.

Conducting annual survey.

Providing happiness & positive psychology courses and podcast.

Giving books to read and sharing learnings from movies.


Crafting Career Transition

Individuals with their actions, influence the culture and well-being of a firm the most.

Strength program delivers scalable & actionable coaching moments.

Development programs like: Managers for better today leaders for better tomorrow, also help.


Providing Platforms to Succeed

Integrated tech enabled platforms for new, deeper and targeted insights along with recommended actions at every level.

PLUS Platform for end to end survey & reporting need.

Happy+ App, a powerful one touch platform that helps to bring the best out of people.