"Happiness & Wellbeing Award" Event Date:

November, 2024

Solutions For Institutions

Happy+ is the source of people’s well-being and helps to identify the determinants of an individual’s happiness. Our aim is not only to spread awareness towards happy and healthy well-being but also to focus on all the overlooked dimensions of happiness.

    • How happy are people today?
    • What is a satisfactory life?
    • How do the conditions in which we live affect our mental well-being?

These are difficult questions to answer but matter to everyone. Our mental health, well-being and happiness solutions at an institutional level are designed to address the happiness gaps and improve the quality of an individual’s life.


Happy Schools & Colleges

Individuals should not only focus on academics but also develop their personality.

Happiness and academic performance are associated with each other. Understanding happiness and positive habit formation will help us grow as a strong individual.

Through various interventions, Happy+ includes teachers & parents in the journey to make happiness a part of school/college life and beyond.


Happy Families

Families today are stressed about various goals they have set for themselves.

When a family is inclined to the core values of happiness and focus to perform positive habits, they build a strong and deep sense of family identity.

How different generations can stay under one roof without compromising on their needs and make a truly happy home? Happy+ works with families and helps them discover happiness through its pathbreaking programs.


Happy Citizens

GDP can measure a nation’s development but it can’t measure its true progress.

At Happy+, we intend to work with national and state administrations in defining, measuring and working on the happiness of nation, states and cities to help our citizens focus on happiness.