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November, 2024

The Science - Wow Life

The Wheel of Wonderful Life

Positive Psychology is often referred as Science of Happiness and the realm of scientific research helps in elevating a better understanding of human well-being and a fulfilling life.

So, what is this ‘Science’ ? At a global or an individual level, there is significant traction to understand about “happiness” and its scientific recognition. At times, it may feel that “happiness” is unachievable but by training our brain through awareness and happy habit building exercises we can turn it into being achievable.

Happy+ WOW life Scientific methods help to cultivate habits that make an individual happy through a set of tracks, strategies and behaviour that anyone can practice.

Wow Life

The Six Dimensions

A human mind is perpetually thinking. Sometimes it’s thinking about the past and on other occasions it wonders about the future. Usually, we are in one of these timescales. It takes time and practice for us to train our mind to be in the present. How we think, feel and behave in each of these timescales, plays an important role in our happiness. If we think too much about the past, on what could or should have happened, we will be stuck there. If we are too focused on the future then it may lead to anxiety. We need to find ways to train our mind to be comfortable with our past and be hopeful about the future ensuring we savor the present.

Health is wealth is a popular saying and we believe health is happiness. If you aren’t healthy, you can’t be happy. Taking care of our physical health is important but our mental health is even more important. Even when we are not physically fit our mental health ensures we are thinking well and that can add to our happiness.

All of us want to learn and grow. Adding to self-worth gives us happiness. This requires goal setting and continuous feedback. Correcting our courses if we are going in the wrong direction or continuing on the chosen path if things are going well. Our ability to set goals and achieve them, however small or big gives us happiness and progress. We don’t need to be obsessed about these goals but to pursue those dispassionately. The small victories and consistency around being at it is something which acts as nutrients to our mind and helps us see the progress we are making. This requires determination, dedication and a lot of hard work. Remaining positive in the difficult phases and still pursuing what we have set out to achieve is a great way to deposit happiness in our mental account.

Many studies have shown us the power of close relationships and its impact on happiness. Human beings need love, respect and trusting relationships. We need people to share our happiness and sadness. Whether at home or at the workplace we interact with other human beings and these interactions can be a source of happiness, if we forge deep relationships with others. But how do we build this trust and relationship? Is there a scientific way of approaching the same and if yes, can we learn it? The answer to these questions is yes, it can be done. At Happy+ we have spent years perfecting the skills of forming long lasting relationships.

All of us need to work. Sometimes work gives us an identity and allows us to express ourselves. Most of us usually work around 75% of our lifetime and it is an important aspect of our life. How we feel at work determines whether we are happy or not to a great extent. Sometimes we aren’t happy in life and look for an escape in our work. During other times we aren’t happy at work and look for happiness outside it. In both the scenarios we are not thriving and searching for that right fit. The opposite of these scenarios is immersing into something meaningful that utilises our talent and allows us to work with the people we like. If we get to work in the second scenario it will contribute to our happiness quotient.

Knowing your strengths and using those to bring a change is key to a meaningful life. It’s not about being selfish, it’s about something larger than an individual. When we know what we are doing is helping the world become a better place, it will give us immense happiness. As human beings we understand our race and the mere feeling of using our strengths in making things around us better is a sign of goodness. There are situations when an individual didn’t have the best of the environment or resources and even then, could see the larger purpose making them feel happy. Such is the power of having a meaningful life.